Flip Real Estate for Profit – How to Start Flipping Houses

If you have ever looked at houses with me you know that I am always looking at a property’s potential, I always ask myself: “How much could this house be worth?”

Even if you aren’t interested in flipping houses or property development it’s always good to understand what the potential value of a property is. In this weeks video I show you how to evaluate a property and crunch the numbers so you make money and avoid risk: Flip Real Estate for Profit – How to Start Flipping Houses

Some other important questions answered are:

  • How big can the house be?
  • Will I have to pay development charges?
  • Are you able to add an addition?
  • How many units can it have?
  • Are there special development considerations like a laneway suite?
  • What are duplexes and triplexes versus secondary suites?
  • What is as-of-right versus land usage changes?

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