How to Analyze a Real Estate Investment – By The Numbers!

How can you analyze a real estate investment?

The three calculations most investors use are:

  1. Net Operating Income – which measures a properties ability to generate income
  2. Cap Rate – which compares that income generating ability to the price. (You can also use it to determine approximate value, but be careful!)
  3. Cash on Cash Return – which is really a projects return on investment (ROI): projected cash flows and mortgage paydown compared to the initial investment.
Net Operating Income (NOI) = Income – Expenses (Not Financing)
Cap Rate = NOI / Purchase Price  or Property Value = NOI / Benchmark Cap Rate
Cash on Cash Return = (NOI – Financing Costs) / Initial Investment

When I look at an investment potential I also like to look at:

  • Cash Flow – Just the monthly cash flow the project will generate
  • Cash Flow ROI – how that cash flow compares to the initial investment
  • 5 Year Total ROI – how the cash flow, mortgage paydown and potential market appreciation compare to the initial investment
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