I know that buyers and investors alike are hoping for a real estate market correction and if there is a recession around the corner you are probably thinking that to be true.

But the real answer might surprise you!

Trade wars and a potential hard Brexit have markets and economists talking about a recession which has potential home buyers and investors hoping for a real restate market correction.

The opposite may actually be true! ” Soaring House Prices Could Return As Interest Rates Head To Zero”

“When you are looking at a market that becomes driven by wealth there isn’t necessarily a limit to house prices.”
– Doug Porter, Chief Economist BMO

A recession means lower interest rates, some economists are even predicting negative or zero real and potentially nominal interest rates. Which means that wealth will be borrowing money at least for free which will in turn drive more real estate investment.

So what can you do about it?

You can join us for my upcoming Toronto Affordability Summit on September 18th to learn how you can actually get into this market as a buyer or investor. ­čśŐ

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