Want to live in your own house on a quiet tree lined street in a nice neighborhood for the price of a two bedroom condo?

There are still many affordable options in the city and co-ownership is one of the ways you can still live the dream! ­čśŐ

Co-ownership is where you share the costs, benefits and risks of property ownership either as a home buyer or investor.

If your partner is a non-spouse non-family member then you should own the property as “tenants-in-common” because:

    • Ownership can be any percentage
    • Ownership is passed through your estate

You will also want to have a co-ownership or co-housing agreement where you set out:

    • How you will pay for and perform repairs or improvements?
    • How you will share utilities?
    • What happens in the case of a default?
    • Division of expenses and ownership interests.
    • What happens if one party wants to move out but retain ownership?
    • And most importantly – ending the agreement.
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