Hi there, I’m Paul Haley!
It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I’ve built a varied career which, at every step, has taken me one step closer to being the successful real estate agent I am today.


Real estate is a natural passion of mine. I enjoy working with and helping people. I like finding the right fit for the right needs. I enjoy the negotiating process. I’ve got the experience you need to make this a smooth process. The business of real estate fires me up!


Below I’ve outlined a bit about myself, as well as the type of work I do for my clients. If you’re interested in getting in touch, there’s a button at the end that you can click on to contact me – or, simply send an email to paulhaley@blueelephantrealty.com!

Negotiating + Strategy + Change Management + Passion = Top Real Estate Agent

Only in retrospect can I see how I’ve been preparing for my career in real estate. At the time, I didn’t know my position in purchasing in one of Canada’s largest food producers negotiating multi millions of dollars worth of business, or process improvement for a private equity company where I was tasked to strategically see and affect the bigger picture across multiple businesses with many moving parts, or change management for one of Canada’s major banks would intertwine with my passion for real estate and set me up for success. All of this experience feeds my ability to lead my clients down the best path in real estate.


My Passion for Smart Real Estate Was Born in a Four-plex

My interest in real estate has been woven in the fabric of my life from the moment I touched down in Toronto in 1996. The first property that struck me was the apartment I was living in. It was a four-plex and for sale and I quickly figured out I could live for free if I bought it. I still kick myself with regret for not buying it, but it motivated me. I credit that regret for the drive to eventually finding the place where I could live for free. Today, my wife and I raise our daughter in a sought-after neighbourhood, in a gorgeous home that pays for itself. I never let go of that dream.


I <3 People

In this job, it is important to understand people. There are three major pillars in people’s lives, that if disrupted, have major effects on stress levels. They are;

  1. Jobs
  2. Relationships
  3. Home

Any disruption in anyone of these can cause waves of stress and also affect the other two pillars. I instinctively draw upon my training and experience in change management, where it was my job to inspire and coach people through massive change. My career and life experience has taught me to be empathetic, patient and understanding when helping people through this process of change.


Negotiating Comes Naturally

Even before I started my career in real estate, I have always had a curiosity and respect for sales. When I worked for Canada Bread as the purchasing Director, representing and controlling multi millions of dollars, it was my job to find the best deals of raw material to maximize the budget without compromising need, quality and budget. I was excellent at my job because I negotiated and nurtured respectful relationships with our suppliers and always poured over the details. I realised my style of negotiating and saw great success from these key learnings:

  1. True sales is a win-win scenario. It’s about filling a need or solving a problem versus a win/lose type of sale, that’s more about taking advantage or not honouring the true needs of one or both parties.
  2. In negotiations the devil is always in the details. There are many negotiating strategies but all the “work” in negotiation is done before you get to the negotiation table.

Here’s The Deal

I’ve got over 20 years of executive experience that defines my level professionalism and personal touch. From purchasing your first property to building or renovating your dream home to flipping or investing in income properties. I am able to lead you through all of these with confidence and grace. The emotional weight of these types of investments is huge. My background and beliefs help me be one of the most experienced, passionate and fun agents dedicated to you and your needs.

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