Investing with Paul Haley.

Whether you’re a seasoned real-estate investor or considering it for the first time, you’re in the right place.

The investing process.

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      My investment story.

      I’ve been investing since I was a teenager. I started with the stock market because I thought it was fun and interesting. And, back then, I didn’t have enough to invest into real estate, nor did I truly understand the field.

      Today, I invest in many things, but what I like about real estate investments is that they can be more than a bunch of a numbers you excitedly watch going up or despair whey then go down. Real estate can be:


      1) A Cash-Flow Machine

      2) An Appreciating Asset You Leverage

      3) An Inflation Hedge

      4) A Place You Can Live or Vacation In

      3) All of The Above!


      I currently own a appreciating properties that have double digit cash-flow return. I own properties in one of the most expensive cities to live that are cash-flow positive. I’m proof of possibility. I am passionate about the potential. I have learned loads in the process and would be happy to share my expertise.


      Fill in the form below to get in touch. If there’s a way I can help you create recurring income or an appreciating asset, it would be my honour. Let me help you find the right property that suits your investment needs!

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        Other buying resources.


        The most important part of the buying process is educating yourself.

        Everything you need to know about buying, in a conveniently downloadable form. Includes questionnaires, checklists, FAQs and third party contacts to ensure you fully understand the process from start to finish.

          Key buying terms and FAQs.

          The home buying process can be overwhelming and complicated. Lucky for you, you aren’t the first person who has needed some help understanding how everything works.

          Mortgage/affordability calculator.

          This isn’t your average mortgage calculator…find out every single up front and ongoing cost for a specific property as well as how much equity you build in it over time.

          Neighbourhood guides.

          Our detailed neighbourhood guides help you get to know Toronto better by providing information on schools, transportation, entertainment, dining, parks and more.

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