Hi!  I’m Paul Haley a Toronto Realtor and Investor.


I’ve created financial freedom and built wealth with real estate. Investing in real estate is simple but not easy and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

I want to share some of what I’ve discovered—info that will help you create financial freedom, build passive income and wealth, whatever your financial goals might be.


Join us on Tuesday June 11th at 6:30pm for this special FREE evening at the Spoke Club that I am hosting for potential or seasoned real estate investors to learn from industry professionals that “walk the talk” for themselves and their clients.


    1. Everything you need to know about laneway development to create income and build equity
    2. How to create passive income investing South of the border
    3. How you can invest in real estate in your RRSP
    4. The latest leasing opportunity from the UK that’s helping investors maximize profits and eliminate headaches


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 Attendees of this summit are also eligible for:


    1. A free laneway consultation to determine if a property is eligible for laneway development
    2. A free property tour in Detroit to see potential investment properties.
    3. A free 1-on-1 session to learn in depth about private investments


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Watch This Video for an Introduction to the Presenters and Read Below for a Synopsis of the Event

A Synopsis of the Topics and Presenters:

Toronto Laneway Development

As of August 2018, the City of Toronto has allowed the construction of laneway suites in the Toronto and East York areas of the City, subject to some criteria.


“Laneway development is currently one of the best opportunities for home owners and residential investors to create income and add equity to properties.”

  • Paul Haley – Toronto Realtor, Investor and Laneway Investment Expert
  • Timothy Mitanidis – Architect & Founder of Creative Union Network – Toronto’s Leading Laneway Design/Builder
Registered Real Estate Investment

One of the most exciting investment opportunities is to be able to buy real estate and farmland through private investing in registered accounts (RRSP, LIRA, etc.).


“Traditional financial institutions don’t generally sell private investments, so the average retail investor simply hasn’t been given a choice. I am compelled to change that!”

  • Al Vardy – Private Wealth Advisor, Raintree Financial Solutions
  • Peter Kinkaide CFA – CEO, Raintree Financial Solutions
US Property Investment

Real estate markets outside of Toronto can provide investors with different investment opportunities in this case the ability to generate cash flow from real estate.


“We help Canadian real estate investors every step of the way to buying competitively priced, cash flowing properties in Detroit.”

  • Voytek Mardula – President of US Properties
Real Estate Rental Opportunity

The hottest rental development in cities like New York and London is creating bespoke rental communities where professionals new to a city can live in a supportive community for a lower cost and without the hassle of finding roommates.


“Bespoke rental communities provide an opportunity for landlords to make higher revenues without the traditional hassles of property management.”

  • Paul Conway – President and Founder Caledonia Lettings

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