Your Retirement Plan Scares Me!

To have a “comfortable retirement” of approximately $70,000 per year you will need to save $1M and collect the maximum OAS and CPP.

    • At 6.4% you would need to save $16,500 per year for 25 years.
    • At a more realistic 5.0% you would need to save $20,000 per year for 25 years

This is at a real rate of return, which is the annual percentage of profit earned on an investment, adjusted for inflation.

The four main retirement plans are:

    1. No Plan (CPP & OAS)
    2. Pension
    3. Saving in the Stock Market
    4. Selling your house

Most retirement plans are a combination of some or all of these plans. They all scare the heck out of me due to volatility, lack of security and inflation.

Inflation is the rate at which the average price level of a basket of goods and services in an economy increases over time. The real rate of inflation can be much higher due to substitution and “the problem of averages”.

In this weeks video I wanted to share a simple, proven, and secure way you could create $12,000/month inflation adjusted income for retirement and $3.8M in equity with a buy and hold real estate investment strategy.

If you want to talk about retirement, your investment goals or if you just want to talk about real estate (my favorite subject) just send me an email or book a FREE No Obligation Investor Consultation.

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